Board and Staff

The Humanist Society Board of Directors

Steven R. Bechtel, President

Steven R. Bechtel is a graduate of the Tulane University and The George Washington University Law School. He is the senior partner of the Mateer & Harbert law firm in Orlando, Florida. Steve is also an Arbitrator and a Certified Mediator and holds a Florida Real Estate Salesman’s License. Steve’s community service has included holding office in civic organizations and voluntary service on governmental boards in the Central Florida area. Steve has been a secular humanist most of his adult life. He has been a member of the American Humanist Association for several years and regularly attends  its annual conferences. Steve also is a member of the Florida and Orlando Humanist Associations.   In 2012, Steve became a Humanist Society Celebrant and has greatly enjoyed presenting a secular prospective to events which are so significant to people’s lives, such as weddings and memorial services, throughout Florida. Steve teaches a class in Humanism at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Joshua Lewis Berg, Treasurer

Joshua Lewis Berg works as the director of community programming at the Jewish Education Alliance and Jewish Federation in Savannah, Georgia. He is a humanist celebrant endorsed by the Humanist Society, a contributor to the Humanist magazine and and a member of the Coastal Atheists and Secular Humanists. Joshua has a BA in Japanese language from the University of Michigan and an MBA in media management from Metropolitan College of New York, which he use to produce theater in New York and London before committing to a career in nonprofit management. He is most proud of being a husband and the father of two daughters.

Kathy Diedrich, Secretary

Kathy Diedrich has been active in secular and humanist groups for nearly a decade, first as a member of AHA and later as a Humanist Celebrant.  Kathy is also active in the Rochester Area FreeThinkers (RAFT) group, a local 501c3 secular organization.  There she organizes events, secures speakers, and serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors.

Following a first career at IBM, where she served as a software engineer, manager and project manager, Kathy took a very different professional path and launched Minnesota Life Celebrations.  Using her credential as a Humanist Celebrant, and leveraging her newly earned certificate credentials in Weddings, Funerals and Memorials, and Ceremonies for Families and Children, Kathy has been providing professional secular ceremony services since 2010.  She has performed over 250 ceremonies, writing each one to meet the needs and wishes of her clients.  While the demand for secular services came as somewhat of a surprise, Kathy is happy to provide custom, meaningful ceremonies throughout southeastern Minnesota, and to often be the first face of Humanism for her clients.

Donna Forsythe

Donna Forsythe grew up in a Quaker family. As an adult, she identified as an ‘atheist Quaker’, later realizing this was the foundation for Humanism. Forsythe worked as an inner-city educator for 30 years, when she took a sabbatical in 2014 to earn her Masters in Leadership and Administration. That year, Marriage Equality passed in her state of Pennsylvania. Within days of the lifting of the same-sex marriage ban, she officiated her first wedding, marrying two men in their 70s, which prompted her to go through the Humanist Society to become endorsed as a Humanist Celebrant.

This would prove to be a life-changing event, leading Forsythe to retire from education in 2018 to pursue her humanist celebrant business full-time. Since becoming a celebrant, she has officiated over 250 ceremonies and built a full-time celebrant business, Lehigh Valley Celebrants, which includes a group of four other celebrants who work with her. Her background in theater and her previous work as a teacher, as well as a librarian/storyteller, has provided a unique skill-set. Her goal is to craft meaningful, couple-centered ceremonies and to create an atmosphere where everyone feels like they’re part of the celebration. Most recently, she has collaborated with her local LGBTQ center to provide Transgender Namings to those in her community.

Read her article, “Love Wins: LGBT Wedding Expo Embraces Marriage Equality” here.

Arthur Jackson

For me humanism comes closest to what is needed to change the world for the better so I have spent the bulk of my life working to improve and advance it. I have been active in the American Humanist Association since 1962. In June 1963 I attended AHA’s first training session to provide Humanist officiants for weddings and other ceremonies. After that (1965-69) worked as assistant director, coordinating AHA’s officiant and chapter programs. Then came to San Jose as the full-time, paid executive director of the local AHA chapter to experiment with developing a model to help chapters become more firmly based. Have actively been involved with the AHA national chapter program and what is now known as Humanist Society ever since. Author, The Humanist Chapter of the Future and the Future of Humanism (1982, 1993), andHow to Live the Good Life: A User’s Guide for Modern Humans (2011).

Christine Shellska

Christine Shellska is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Communication and Culture, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Calgary, Canada. Her research involves studying the rhetorical strategies employed by the Intelligent Design Creationism movement, and her areas of focus include history, philosophy and sociology of science, Actor Network Theory and rhetoric. Among other involvement in the secular community, she is a Secular Humanist Liaison at the Faith and Spirituality Centre at the University of Calgary, a member of the Board of Directors for Atheist Alliance International, and a regular co-host on the Calgary-based Legion of Reason podcast.

Jason Torpy

Jason Torpy has been involved with the nontheist and humanist movement for over a decade – specifically through the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF), which he helped grow from an email listserv to a widely-recognized 501c3 organization. MAAF is now a member organization of the American Humanist Association.

Torpy has spent the last several years building coalitions among nontheist organizations. He collaborated with American Atheists for the Veteran’s Day 2005 “Atheists in Foxholes March on the Mall” in Washington, DC. Through SCA, he successfully lobbied the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee to investigate unconstitutional proselytism at Army training bases. He also serves on the board of the Secular Coalition for America.


Brody Armstrong

Brody is the Education Assistant with the American Humanist Association’s Center for Education, and handles support and development for the Humanist Society. Previously, Brody interned at an advocacy non-profit working on poverty alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa, first serving on the college organizing team and later moving to the policy team to support research on gender equity and education in developing countries. Brody graduated from the University of Iowa in 2016 with a B.A. in philosophy, political science, and ethics & public policy. While attending the university, he served as a Student Senator and led a number of student activist groups focused on human-rights related issues. He is pursuing a Master’s program in data, economics, and development policy through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kristin Wintermute

Kristin Wintermute is a lifelong Humanist who attended the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis (FUS), led by Khoren Arisian, throughout her childhood and teen years. At first she was enrolled in their “Humanist Education Program,” and in high school she became a classroom teacher. As an undergraduate student at the University of Montana, she used this curriculum at the Unitarian Fellowship of Missoula, Montana. Following graduate work at the University of Maine, Wintermute returned to Minneapolis and FUS. Seeing a need for a younger generation there, she began the twenties and thirties group. The goals were to learn more about Humanism through reading and discussion as well as to be in a community with like-minded individuals of our generation. The group’s greatest accomplishment was a very well received Sunday Assembly on Generation X.

After pursuing a career for a number of years as a family therapist, Wintermute made a decision to leave the field of social work to become a stay-at-home mother. She pursued part-time work from home and was hired by the North American Committee for Humanism (NACH) to be their executive director in 1998. In 1999, NACH and its subsidiary, the Humanist Institute, became one organization. She became the business manager and is now the administrator of the Humanist Institute. She is also the full-time office manager for Schlenker and Associates and mother of two, Anya (age 8) and Ari (age 5).​

Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director