The recording of February’s Humanist Society Teleconference is available above. Immediately below are a few useful links and tools that can assist with planning and executing the marketing strategies mentioned in this presentation.

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About This Presentation:

Donna Forsythe, owner of Lehigh Valley Celebrants and board member for the Humanist Society, hosts the first Humanist Society Teleconference of 2019. This teleconference offers an in-depth look at marketing strategies for both new and established celebrants to reach new clients and develop a tone of professionalism in your work.

Topics discussed:

Creating a vision/mission statement for your business
Evaluating where you are and where you want to be
Setting goals and coming up with a plan to achieve them
Understanding who your ideal client is
Networking opportunities
Website presence
Social media
Wedding shows or other public events
Workshops: local and national
Building relationships

Donna Forsythe grew up in a Quaker family. As an adult, she identified as an ‘atheist Quaker’, later realizing this was the foundation for Humanism. Forsythe worked as an inner-city educator for 30 years, when she took a sabbatical in 2014 to earn her Masters in Leadership and Administration. That year, Marriage Equality passed in her state of Pennsylvania. Within days of the lifting of the same-sex marriage ban, she officiated her first wedding, marrying two men in their 70s, which prompted her to go through the Humanist Society to become endorsed as a Humanist Celebrant.

This would prove to be a life-changing event, leading Forsythe to retire from education in 2018 to pursue her Humanist Celebrant business full-time. Since becoming a celebrant, she has officiated over 250 ceremonies and built a full-time celebrant business, Lehigh Valley Celebrants, which includes a group of four other Humanist Celebrants who work with her. Her background in theater and her previous work as a teacher, as well as a librarian/storyteller, has provided a unique skill-set. Her goal is to craft meaningful, couple-centered ceremonies and to create an atmosphere where everyone feels like they’re part of the celebration. Most recently, she has collaborated with her local LGBTQ center to provide Transgender Namings to those in her community.

Read her article, “Love Wins: LGBT Wedding Expo Embraces Marriage Equality”