Brand Identity Review The Humanist Society

Project Description

Work to be done to clarify our brand and identity both internally and externally.


Project Progress

Project Timing

  • Start
    Jun 05 2024
  • End
    Jul 31 2024

06/05/2024 07/31/2024


Overall Project Completion

  • 20%
  • 60%

  • 40%
  • 80%

Technical Changes 0% Complete 0/4 Tasks completed

Technical changes include ensuring our primary domain ( and all associated functions (donations, fee payments, etc) are properly branded.

0/4 Completed Tasks

  • Realign email addresses to instead of as our primary domain. This includes creating "" (mailing list)
  • Point all secondary domains to redirect to ""
  • Investigate the possibility of re-branding the pages which currently use the AHA donation backend system to take payment on our behalf. This may need to wait until after Articles and Bylaws have been changed.
  • Review Socials - Which accounts do we need to create and ensure the correct people have admin access

Creative Changes 0% Complete 0/2 Tasks completed

Does “Celebrating Life” as a slogan communicate well what we do? Is there a better phrase that encapsulates our mission and vision? I have been using "Serving Humanist Professionals since 1939" in the interim. We might continue with "Celebrating Life", change to a better slogan, or drop the slogan from our logo completely. One such suggestion so far is "Making Moments Matter". If visual branding changes, we need to be conscious of not replenishing physical media with old designs when we run out (letterheads, brochures, etc). Sarah is handling all the graphic design.

0/2 Completed Tasks

  • Decide on the slogan (stay/go/change)
  • Generate new digital assets

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