Celebrations and Celebrants

Celebration of life is central to a meaningful humanist philosophy, and Humanist Celebrants officiate significant celebrations vital to humanist life.

The Humanist Society prepares Humanist Celebrants to lead ceremonial observances across the nation and worldwide, providing millions a meaningful alternative to traditional religious weddings, memorial services, and other life cycle events.

To facilitate this process, the Humanist Society offers different endorsement options, including a path for those considering a one-time experience, those wishing to be regular celebrants as well as associate celebrants, lay leaders, chaplains, and secular invocators.

The Humanist Society also aims to bolster growth at the grassroots level by supporting the all movement efforts to develop strong communities and community leaders. Strong humanist communities will empower local humanist groups with the ability to reach out to a greater population of people by providing educational programs, regular communal celebrations, and meaningful social interaction with fellow humanists.

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