2018  Teleconference Recordings

2018 Q1: Humanist Memorial Services

Requests for humanist memorial services are increasing every year.  Expand your celebrant practice and serve your community by offering memorial services to the secular community. Join Kathy Diedrich and guest, Miriam Jerris, for a wide-ranging discussion on humanist memorial services.  Topics to be covered include meeting with families, elements of a memorial service, pitfalls to avoid, memorial traditions and etiquette, and more.  Dr. Jerris is the Rabbi for the Society of Humanistic Judaism, a graduate of the first class of the Humanist Institute, Associate Professor for Professional Development of the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism and a Humanist Celebrant with many years experience offering humanist ceremonies across the life cycle.  View Recording

2018 Q2: Baby Naming, Adoption, and Transgender Naming Ceremonies

Experienced celebrants Kenna Covington, Victoria Gipson and Sarah Rivers Deal share their experiences with Baby Naming, Adoption, and Transgender Naming ceremonies. Naming and adoption ceremonies provide the opportunity to welcome a child to a family, an extended family and to the broader community, while transgender naming ceremonies offer support and validation for an individual as they embrace their new identity. View Recording

2018 Q3: Wise Woman Ceremonies

Wise Woman Ceremony affords an opportunity to honor a remarkable woman who is elder-wise or a younger woman who is wise beyond her years. The ceremony officiated for older women can celebrate a landmark birthday or entering into retirement. For a woman of any age it can recognize her accomplishments such as her volunteerism for community organizations and charitable work, or for her kindness, support, or mentorship of others such as co-workers, family or friends. The ceremony can celebrate the accomplishments of previous years and recognize the wisdom the woman brings to the world around her. As part of the celebration, new goals and dreams can be articulated, as well as all the future holds! View Recording

2018 Q4: Good Life, Good Death

People suffering from unbearable medical conditions should have the right to determine their own deaths. In this presentation, Dr. Martin Seidenfeld discusses the issues involved in the right suffering persons to determine their own deaths, and how The Final Exit Network works with qualified people to achieve death with dignity. View Recording