2019 Q3: Writing Meaningful Ceremonies

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About the Presentation:

In this Humanist Society Teleconference, Lois Heckman shares her knowledge and advice on how to work with clients to create meaningful and deeply personal ceremonies. The presentation primarily references wedding ceremonies, but the tips and tools discussed will be applicable across the spectrum of humanist ceremonies.

The discussion focuses on:

  • Learning about your client – who they are, their needs, and their style.
  • Interviews, questionnairres, and other tools to learn about your clients
  • Creating ceremony templates
  • Presenting the couple’s story
  • Welcomes, honoring the family, readings, and rituals
  • Protecting your work product
  • Discussion and Q&A following the presentation

About the Presenter:

Lois Heckman is a Humanist Celebrant and full-time professional wedding officiant. She has performed hundreds of unique wedding ceremonies, and her diverse background in religious philosophy, music, and social justice directly informs her work. 

From 1990 to 2006 she worked as an educator and advocate in the battered women/anti-rape movement, teaching, and working for social change. In her younger years, she was a hard working musician and singer-songwriter, performing on stages from New York City to Europe. Her formal education was in religious philosophy at Temple University. She has been officiating 

Lois is a graduate of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute and an endorsed Humanist Celebrant of the Humanist Society, as well a member of other clergy and wedding associations.

Read her blog on the Pocono Record, where she has been writing about weddings since 2006. She is also included in Life-Cycle Ceremonies: A Handbook for Your Whole Life,  and featured in the Marlo Thomas’ book “It Aint’ Over… Till It’s Over.” Listen to Lois on the “Put A Ring On It” podcast.