2020 Q4: Serving Humanist Communities

by | Dec 14, 2020 | 0 comments

About the Presentation:

Come discuss how humanist professionals (celebrants, chaplains, invocators, lay leaders) and groups (AHA chapters and affiliates) can work together to support and grow humanism locally. We’ll hear from group organizers who also perform ceremonies and invocations, and share ideas to help grow and serve our humanist communities.

This will be a joint program for The Humanist Society endorsees and AHA local groups. Our panel will include Humanist Celebrants: Florian Dieckmann of Chicago Humanists, Audrey Kingstrom of HumanistsMN, and Jocelyn Williamson of Florida Humanist Association.

Find and start a local humanist group: https://americanhumanist.org/get-involved/find-or-start-a-chapter (or email field@americanhumanist.org). Invocations resources can be found on The Humanist Society website and from Central Florida Freehought Community: https://www.cflfreethought.org/invocations. The video Florian mentions about attracting young people is James Croft’s “Finding Unicorns” webinar.