2021 Q2: Ambassadors for Humanism

by | Sep 21, 2021

About the Presentation:

As celebrants and chaplains, we often work in institutions and at gatherings that aren’t familiar with humanism or have never met a humanist celebrant or chaplain before. James Croft will speak about techniques on being the best possible ambassador for Humanism. Come check out easy and effective techniques and tools you can use, ask questions and share your ideas! 

Dr. James Croft

Dr. James Croft

Dr. James Croft is the Leader at the Ethical Society of St. Louis – one of the largest Humanist congregations in the world. A graduate of Cambridge and Harvard Universities, James is an in-demand public speaker, an engaging teacher, and a passionate activist for human rights. James was raised on William Shakespeare, Carl Sagan and Star Trek, and lives in St. Louis with his fabulous drag queen husband Kolten.