Chaplains, Lay Leaders, and Invocators

Humanist Chaplain

A Humanist Chaplain represents Humanist values and principles in secular institutions such as a hospital, nursing home, prison, military unit, school, police department, university and/or humanism community.  Humanist chaplains are distinguished from Celebrants in their responsibility and authority to work with non-humanists as well as humanists.  This position is distinguished by a professional chaplain’s covenant to serve all and exploit none.

Lay Leaders

This endorsement level is for those committed to supporting a military installation in organizing humanist meetings within chaplain services in accordance with various military requirements.


In addition to the major rites of passage, humanists and other nonreligious people often find themselves asked to contribute to other types of ceremonial events:  a benediction after a banquet, an invocation at the beginning of a legislative session, or a toast at a retirement party.