Endorsement Process

All endorsements require a completed application with three references or reference papers, a $40 application fee ($25 for lay leaders, $75 for associate celebrants), current membership in AHA, professed commitment to humanism, background check if requested. Also required is a $100 annual professional fee ($25 for lay leaders) and re-endorsement applications (two years for the first, and then every five years). Celebrants of all designations will be held to the standards in the Code of Conduct and may be removed for any violation.

1) Ensure you understand and profess humanism as defined by the Humanist Society. Take all the time you need.

2) Read these Guidelines as well as the Code of Conduct expected of Celebrants (and the Chaplain Covenant expected of Chaplains).

3) Select a designation – Celebrant, Associate Celebrant, Lay Leader, and Chaplain as well as Celebrant & Chaplain for chaplains who also want clergy status. Go to the application page of your desired designation.

4) Complete application and submit all documents. Questions are the same for initial endorsement and re-endorsement for each designation.

5) Pay $100 annual professional fees ($25 for Lay Leaders)

6) Apply for initial re-endorsement after 2 years and later re-endorsements every 5 years using the same application process.

Referrals are required for endorsement applicants but not for re-endorsements. In lieu of referrals, applicants may submit a Humanist Institute completion certificate, certification as an American Ethical Union Leader, as an IISHJ or SHJ Rabbi, or a letter of good standing from The Clergy Project.