Humanist Celebrants

Humanist Celebrants provide meaningful, distinctly personal, and professional humanist ceremonies for a wide range of life’s major events and milestones. A celebrant can help commemorate the welcoming of a child, coming-of-age, gender transitions, commitment unions, weddings, memorials, and so much more!  Our celebrants are committed to humanism and not bound by a traditional religion and its dogma, therefore they are able to provide custom-made ceremonies imbued with personal meaning and honor the shared humanity and values of those involved.

While most of our celebrants primarily take a humanist approach, there are those who also embrace performing inclusive secular, inter-religious or other non-religious services.  For those individuals from differing religious and cultural backgrounds, Humanist Celebrants can be the perfect alternative.

Humanist Celebrants are generally recognized in all states and many countries, being accorded the same rights and privileges granted by law to priests, ministers, and rabbis of traditional theistic religions. However, marriage laws vary by state and county in the United States. We suggest contacting your local county clerk’s office for the most accurate legal information.

The Humanist Society offers several different endorsement options. Read through our various levels and apply today!

Endorsement Levels

Associate Humanist Celebrant: This introductory endorsement level is a one-time celebrant status valid for a 90-day period. If after 90 days, you want to continue with this endorsement we encourage you to apply to become a Humanist Celebrant, in which case, your application fee and reference requirement will be waived. Associate Celebrant are granted the rights equivalent to ordained clergy allowing them to legally perform weddings under the jurisdiction of the law within their state and subject to “clergy” confidentiality.


  • Understanding of humanism and commitment to humanist values
  • Understanding of associate celebrant role

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Humanist Celebrant: Humanist Celebrants may legally perform weddings as well as preside over memorials, coming-of-age, baby welcomings and other life milestone ceremonies. Humanist Celebrants have the rights equivalent to ordained clergy, allowing them to legally perform weddings under the jurisdiction of the law within their state and subject to “clergy” confidentiality.

Initial Humanist Celebrant endorsement is valid for a 2-year period. Renewal is required following 2-year initial endorsement.

Please note: by the time of your 2-year renewal, celebrants must have performed at least 2 ceremonies (of any type). Similarly, by the time of your 5-year renewal, celebrants must have performed at least 5 ceremonies (of any type).


  • Strong understanding of humanism and commitment to humanist values
  • Public speaking experience strongly preferred
  • Ability to perform average of one ceremony per year or more
  • Understanding of Humanist Celebrant role

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Dual Endorsement

Humanist celebrants may wish to combine their endorsement with our Chaplain, Associate Chaplain, or Lay Leader endorsements depending on their goals and interests as humanist professionals. Only the celebrant endorsement authorizes you to solemnize marriages and perform other humanist ceremonies. If you are seeking dual endorsement, please be sure you understand the requirements and expectations for each individual endorsement you are applying for. You may apply for dual endorsement at no extra cost.

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