Humanist Lay Leaders

Humanist Lay Leaders are acknowledged for their passionate leadership in promoting humanism and humanist values within their communities. The Lay Leader endorsement is highly flexible and can be utilized in various ways. Lay Leaders might organize meetings and discussion groups for local humanists, represent humanism on interfaith coalitions, or coordinate community service and other volunteering initiatives. Lay Leaders must have a thorough understanding of humanism and seek creative ways to promote its philosophy, values, and mission in their communities. They act as representatives of humanism, adhering to The Humanist Society’s Statement of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

The Lay Leader endorsement does not authorize the solemnization of marriages or the performance of other humanist ceremonies unless it is combined with our Humanist Celebrant Endorsement.

Lay Leaders should not provide counseling, spiritual, or emotional support unless they hold the proper professional certifications. If this is your goal, please consider our Humanist Chaplain or Associate Chaplain endorsements.

Military service members using the Lay Leader endorsement to serve humanists on a military installation qualify for a reduced annual professional fee of $25.