Information for Celebrants

Humanist Celebrants conduct Humanist, nonreligious, and interreligious weddings, commitment/same-sex unions, memorials, baby namings, and other life cycle ceremonies. Humanist Minister and Humanist Chaplain are also accepted titles. A Humanist wedding ceremony, for instance can range from a traditional wedding (minus the reference to a deity), to a creative, unique ceremony. Our Humanist Celebrants, in all ceremonies, strive to reflect the values of the couple and those who are involved.

Humanist Celebrants are generally recognized in all states and many countries, being accorded the same rights and privileges granted by law to priests, ministers, and rabbis of traditional theistic religions. However, marriage laws vary by state in the United States. We suggest contacting your local county clerk’s office for the most accurate legal information.

The Humanist Society currently has over 100 Humanist Celebrants in 33 states and Puerto Rico. For more information on the Humanist Celebrant application process, go to our Become a Celebrant page.

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