[Washington, D.C., July 1, 2024] – The Humanist Society is announcing a new structure for chaplain endorsements. This new structure is designed to better align with industry standards, make the process of becoming a Humanist Chaplain more accessible, and provide time and support for aspiring humanists.

The organization has introduced a new endorsement level: Aspirant Humanist Chaplain. The Aspirant level is intended for two types of potential Humanist Chaplain. First, those who may not yet have completed their Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or equivalent, or any units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). They may still be in the process of pursuing chaplaincy and are exploring if humanism is a good fit. It is also suitable for individuals who have completed their education and may even be Board Certified or Certified Educators but are “humanist curious.” For those who may be interested in humanism, the Aspirant level is a good starting point. Aspirants have two to seven years to learn about and discern if humanism is right for them. This includes biannual check-ins with a chaplain mentor for conversation and support.

The endorsing body has also adjusted its Standard Chaplain endorsement requirements, reducing the number of required CPE units from two to one, and introduced an Advanced Chaplain Endorsement that requires four units of CPE or equivalent.

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The Humanist Society endorses and prepares humanist professionals to lead life celebrations and support people during difficult times. Our Celebrants, Chaplains, Lay Leaders, and Invocators provide millions of people with a meaningful alternative to traditional religious services and ceremonies across the nation.

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