Making Moments Matter

The Humanist Society endorses and prepares humanist professionals to lead life celebrations and support people during difficult times. 

 Our celebrants, chaplains, lay leaders, and invocators provide millions of people with a meaningful alternative to traditional religious services and ceremonies across the nation.


What We Do

In addition to endorsing humanist professionals, The Humanist Society assists these professionals with training, resources, and connections to a wider humanist support network. 

Are you looking for an endorsed humanist professional, or interested in becoming one? Explore below to find out more!

The Humanist Society is recognized by
The Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc.,
an affiliate of the Association for Professional Chaplains

The Humanist Society is a fully participating member organization of the COMISS Network.

Who We Are

Humanists embrace the principles of humanism, which include helping others, caring for our environment, connecting in community with each other, and continuing to grow and learn to make our world a better place.

While we have no supernatural or divine belief systems, our commitment to our values is deeply-held and provides us with answers to the ultimate questions of life, death, and meaning.

The Humanist Society builds on a long humanist and scientific tradition that dates back to the Enlightenment and the moral and natural philosophers of the ancient world.

Humanist Professionals


Humanist Celebrants provide meaningful, distinctly personal, and professional humanist ceremonies for a wide range of life’s major events and milestones.


Humanist Chaplains represent humanist values and principles in secular institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, military units, police departments, universities and/or humanist communities.


Humanist Invocators provide short speeches performed in a public forum, such as city council meetings or legislative sessions, that call upon the audience’s shared human values to connect us, foster a sense of purpose, and inspire action for the well-being of humanity.

Lay Leaders

Lay Leaders might organize meetings and discussion groups of local humanists, represent humanism on interfaith coalitions, or coordinate community service and other volunteering initiatives.


Having Chaplain Lex coming to see the JCI Humanist Chapter has been a fascinating experience.
We're thrilled to have his guidance and his community-minded approach.
Jackson Correctional Institution

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